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Safety In The Indian Ocean

Seychelles and Portugal intensify anti-piracy partnership

Jul 09, 2010

Seychelles President James Michel has met for high-level talks with the Portuguese Minister of Defense Prof. Dr. Augusto Santos Silva at the State House this afternoon.

“We are partners in the struggle against piracy. With the aid of Portugal and the European Union as a whole, we are limiting the effects of piracy in the region. We have achieved the best that we are able to with the limited resources that we have,” said President Michel during the meeting.

Minister Santos Silva said that Portugal would continue to aid the maritime and air-based Atalanta operations in the Indian Ocean, as well as contributing to the peacekeeping operations on mainland Somalia, in order to address the root of the piracy problem.

“Seychelles is playing a very important role in the fight against piracy. We emphasize the regional approach to piracy, as well as finding a solution to the problem in Somalia,” said Minister Santos Silva.

President Michel agreed with the Minister, adding that, “It is important that the international community addresses the problem of mainland Somalia and helps to find a lasting solution to this failed state.”

The President and the Portuguese Minister of Defense also discussed the work of the Portuguese Air Force Detachment, which was deployed to Seychelles in April this year as part of the EUNAVFOR Atalanta Operation.

“The Portuguese air force surveillance operation is very important for the Seychelles anti-piracy effort as we rely on the data to intercept pirates. This has proved to be a very productive operation,” said President Michel.

Seychelles and Portugal intensify anti-piracy partnership
Portuguese Minister of Defense Augusto Santos Silva and Seychelles President James Michel

Source: Seychelles Office of the President

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