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From UK To Russia With Love

UK travel agency says technology helps travelers in “cutting the drudge” for visa to Russia

Nelson Alcantara  Jul 08, 2010

(eTN) - A UK agency that specializes in bringing British travelers to Russia, Intourist-UK, hass claimed this week to have a technology-based innovation that will save British business and private travelers hours of time-consuming red tape during business trips to Russia.

“Currently British business travelers waste hours or whole days going (in person) to an OVIR office (Ministry of the Interior) to complete compulsory Registration Of Foreigners paperwork,” Intourist-UK said. “Frequently, applicants are sent away to amend or rework their application documents, and they have to start again.”

The UK agency said it conducted a survey, which showed this is one of the most persistent annoyances for busy travelers.

"Intourist-UK has put cutting-edge technology - that every traveler has in their pocket - to practical use. Getting back wasted time is every business traveler's greatest dream - we've made that dream come true," said Nikolay Chernov, CEO of Intourist-UK.

The agency added: “Intourist-UK clients can now simply photograph the Landing Card that was stamped at the airport, using their mobile phone, MMS the picture to Intourist, and put their feet up, while Intourist do[es] the rest. The documentation is emailed to them - the traveler need never leave their accommodation. And it all complies with Russian law. If you prefer to scan and email your Landing Card instead, you can.”

Getting this documentation isn't only a legal requirement - without it you can't rent a car, buy a sim-card, or a raft of normal activities. More importantly, it safeguards the traveler's legal security if this is challenged by Russia's ever-active police - either at random around the city or in specially-organized check-ups at airports. The penalties for failing to complete this registration are harsh, including possible deportation and a visa blacklisting for future trips, according to Intourist-UK.

Intourist-UK's service is of special value to business and private travelers who might be staying in serviced apartments, with friends, hosted by business partners, or staying in smaller hotels, which cannot provide this essential service.

UK travel agency says technology helps travelers in “cutting the drudge” for visa to Russia
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