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Court Will Deal Exclusively On Piracy

Kenya sets up special anti-piracy court

Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN  Jul 06, 2010

(eTN) Following further agreements between development partners, members of the international naval coalition against piracy, and the Kenyan government, a new court has been set up, which will deal exclusively with nabbed ocean terrorists delivered to the judiciary system of this East African nation.

Earlier in the year, Kenya had signaled that resources were simply not available to deal with a lot of added trials due to lack of personnel and already high pressure on their court system. It was indicated that they would need to suspend trials if no dedicated funding could be made available.

This triggered immediate talks and a subsequent agreement between the Kenyan government in Nairobi and partner countries, and led to the establishment of a dedicated court last week, dealing exclusively with the problem of piracy on the high seas off the Eastern African coast.

Kenya and the Seychelles are the only two countries at present with concluded, ongoing, and upcoming trials against pirates, who in the Seychelles are also facing terrorism charges besides "ordinary" piracy. When looking at the fallout in economic terms to the East African economies, one almost must be in favor of a naval blockade of the pirate havens in Somalia and to intercept any traffic from these hideouts looking like and acting like pirates ‚Äď in fact, a change of the mandate and rules of engagement towards a self defense mode would be in order now, the moment motherships and skiffs are spotted, allowing the coalition vessels to engage the ocean terrorists on the high seas in a robust fashion, before then also permitting the coalition forces to do "hot pursuit" on to land to prevent the further use of land-based infrastructure supporting future piracy and terrorist missions.

Kenya sets up special anti-piracy court
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