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Third Travelers Philanthropy Conference announced

Apolinari Tairo, eTN  Jul 01, 2010

(eTN) The Center for Responsible Travel (CREST) in Washington and the Monteverde Institute in Costa Rica have organized the target="_blank">Third International Travelers Philanthropy Conference next year.

Organizers said the conference will be held in San Jose, Costa Rica, between July 20 and 23 next year, and registration is open for interested participants.

According to organizers, the Center for Responsible Travel, early bird registration fees have been set at US$395, an amount that will cover conference services including dinners, lunches, receptions, teas, and coffees.

Travelersā€™ philanthropy is a relatively new concept, but it is rapidly growing into a worldwide movement and becoming part of the definition of responsible travel, a CREST statement said.

At its core, travelersā€™ philanthropy is about tourism businesses and travelers giving back to tourism destinations by providing financial support, volunteer expertise, and material contributions to local projects and community initiatives.

CREST hosted previous and most successful International Travelersā€™ Philanthropy Conferences at Stanford University, California, USA, in 2004 and in Arusha, Tanzania, in 2008, all of which brought about big changes in the travel and tourism industry.

During the last and second Travelersā€™ Philanthropy Conference held in Arusha in Tanzania, about 300 participants attended, among them key proponents of wildlife conservation and environmentalists and executives from non-governmental organizations (NGOs), which have been working to support poor communities in Africa.

Travelersā€™ Philanthropy Conference marks the most comprehensive examination to date of travelersā€™ philanthropy ā€“ the growing global initiative by which tourism businesses and travelers are helping to support local schools, clinics, micro-enterprises, job training, conservation, and other types of projects in tourism destinations around the world.

The conference in Arusha brought together key practitioners from socially responsible tourism businesses, experts in the fields of sustainable tourism and philanthropy, community-based organizations, global and regional NGOs doing development work, the United Nations and other development agencies, philanthropic foundations, governments, and the media.

Third Travelers Philanthropy Conference announced
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