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Specialty Cocktails Coming To Continental

Continental adds "specialty cocktails" to its in-flight goods

Jun 30, 2010

Continental Airlines said it will begin selling "specialty cocktails" on its flights, the latest option to pay for in-flight goods or services as the airline industry looks to eke out revenue from its customers.

Continental said it has partnered with Stirrings, a cocktail-mixer brand, to offer its mojito and pomegranate martini, and the carrier also teamed with Red Bull to offer the energy drink. All three are offered with alcohol for $9 apiece or without for $3.

Airline companies, which struggled mightily during the recession, have looked for ways to squeeze additional revenue out of travelers--from implementing fees for checked baggage to having passengers pay for the use of pillows and blankets. On Monday, the U.S. Department of Transportation said U.S. airlines' first-quarter ancillary revenue dropped 1% from a year earlier on reduced reservation-change fees and a decline in miscellaneous revenue.

In April, Continental--which is planning a merger with UAL Corp.'s United Airlines--said in April that its first-quarter loss widened by more than analysts had expected despite revenue gains as bad weather, higher fuel costs and slower-than-hoped economic improvement all hit its bottom line.

Continental adds "specialty cocktails" to its in-flight goods
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Source: Dow Jones Newswires

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