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Airline Industry

Airline revenue driven by international demand

Adrian Schofield  Jun 25, 2010

U.S. airlines continue to report strengthening growth in the primary demand indicators, particularly on international routes, according to the Air Transport Association.

ATA says passenger revenue climbed by 21% year-on-year in May, the fifth consecutive month of growth. International revenue increased 36% and transpacific routes 51%.

“These results reflect encouraging signs of the nation’s economic recovery from the very deep hole of a year ago,” said ATA President James May. The ATA data cover seven major carriers and selected affiliates.

Passenger numbers rose 2% year-on-year and yield 17%. Yield growth in domestic and international markets has progressively strengthened in every month of this year. Domestic yield rose 14.1% in May, with transatlantic yield up 28.3%, Latin America 10.9% and transpacific 25.2%.

Meanwhile, cargo traffic jumped 17% year-on-year in April, with an 8% domestic gain and a 25% rise on international routes. Cargo data lag passenger numbers by a month.

Airline revenue driven by international demand
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