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Deutsche Lufthansa AG

Lufthansa reaches deal with pilots

Jun 24, 2010

FRANKFURT - German flag carrier Deutsche Lufthansa AG and pilots union Vereinigung Cockpit, or VC, said Thursday that they have accepted a mediator's proposal and ended their long-lasting labor dispute.

VC said in a statement that the agreement protects jobs and assures the union's input in growth plans for the airline. In return, the union agreed to a pay freeze until March 2011.

Mediator Klaus von Dohnanyi made a recommendation late Wednesday without disclosing any details, and the parties had 24 hours to decide if they wanted to adopt the recommendation.

The dispute at Lufthansa centers on pilots' concerns that the airline could increasingly shift routes to foreign units where pilots earn less, following Lufthansa's rapid expansion over the past two years. To prevent this, the union demanded that Lufthansa give its pilots a bigger say in the decision-making process about where planes are operated from and which pilots fly the aircraft.

Germany's biggest airline and its pilots didn't succeed in reaching a compromise during their last negotiations. The union, however, accepted Lufthansa's proposal to resolve the labor dispute through a mediation process and the parties had already agreed on the modalities.

As it agreed to mediated negotiations, VC, which represents about 4,500 pilots, called off a four-day strike.

Lufthansa reaches deal with pilots
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Source: Dow Jones Newswires

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