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Ball Dribbled From Hamburg To South Africa

German World Cup tourists dribble a ball inside Tanzania’s famous wildlife parks

Apolinari Tairo, eTN  Jun 23, 2010

TANZANIA (eTN) On the way to watch their national team playing the FIFA World Cup, German soccer fans visited Tanzania’s famous tourist parks and dribbled a special ball in the wilderness of Africa to signify the first FIFA World Cup tournament taking place in Africa.

The German soccer fans and tourists entered Tanzania in groups on their way to Johannesburg, South Africa, in a mission dubbed “The Big Kick Africa.”

All were from various towns in Germany and had started their tour mission in Africa from Egypt passing through Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, then South Africa to watch and celebrate their national team’s matches.

While in northern Tanzania, the German fans and tourists played with local Maasai cattle herders, then headed southward to Johannesburg by special safari vehicles.

A Germany charity organization, HMI, in partnership with ERGO Versicherung, brought into Tanzania the south-bound soccer fans who dribbled a special ball in the wilderness of Ngorongoro Conservation Area, famous for its idyllic crater and wildlife plains.

The charity HMI "Big Kick" ball traveled from Hamburg in Germany to Johannesburg, being dribbled along an international travel route through Europe and Africa to climax in the Gauteng province of South Africa.

Approximately 2,000 business people within HMI have been dribbling the soccer ball 10,500 kilometers across 11 countries from Hamburg to South Africa on a route that will be converted into financial support to be donated towards an African project. It is part of the German BILD initiative, "Ein Herz für Kinder," or "A Heart for Children."

The ball was ceremoniously landed with all the pomp and ceremony at the Deutsche Internationale Schule, Johannesburg, in Auckland Park.

The Big Kick to Johannesburg is a charity drive, which will work similar to the Olympic Torch Relay as 2006 FIFA World Cup host Germany hands over the baton to 2010 FIFA World Cup host South Africa in this unique way.

Deutsche Internationale Schule general manager Jobst C. Schulte-Brader was quoted as saying, "The route will cross several borders with the aim of ensuring that the HMI ball reaches the team in Johannesburg during the World Cup."

Germany, which hosted the last FIFA World Cup, is Tanzania’s leading tourism partner, with over 40,000 Germans visiting Tanzania every year. Mount Kilimanjaro is the most attractive and key site for most Germans visiting the country.

German World Cup tourists dribble a ball inside Tanzania’s famous wildlife parks
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