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LOT will be first European airline to receive Boeing 787s

Polish national carrier LOT to fly Dreamliners in 2011

Jun 21, 2010

LOT will be the first European airline to receive the new Boeing 787 Dreamliners, with the first machines flying the airline’s livery from 2011.

8 machines are to be delivered to Poland’s national carrier by 2015, although press reports that this date is as yet unofficial.

Boeing has announced that the new 787’s production is back on track after teething problems in its manufacture, and that the first airline to take delivery of the plane will be ANA All Nippon Airways at the end of this year.

The Seattle-based company has announced that the Dreamliner has already spent over 1000 hours in test flights, with around 50 percent of other certification tests having been completed.

The production of the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner is running two years late, although the company has 900 such machines on order.

The Dreamliner is a medium-sized plane which can carry between 210-330 passengers, and its 1.5 MW engine capacity is enough to power 2 million iPods simultaneously.

Polish national carrier LOT to fly Dreamliners in 2011
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