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High Impact Advertising

Seychelles tempts Monaco with its new publicity billboards

Seychelles Tourism Board  Jun 18, 2010

Following the Monaco Grand Prix on May 16, the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) was given the opportunity to display its new, large-format posters (4m x 3m) along the streets of the city, allowing a high-end target audience to discover the beauty and magical charm of our islands.

The high-impact billboards lined the route of the Grand Prix, and for two weeks tempted drivers and pedestrians to succumb to the pristine nature, unhurried charm, and serenity that nature has crafted over 150 million years.
The day after the campaign was launched on June 3, STB hosted a consumer evening event to introduce the destination, as well as offers from our local partners such as the Hilton Seychelles Northolme Resort & Spa, Labriz Silhouette, L’Habitation Cerf Island, Air Seychelles, and Air France.
Four days later, it was the turn of Monaco travel agents to attend the presentations made by the partners at Escapades Seychelles 2010. The first stop was the capital, Monte Carlo.

With its 32,500 affluent inhabitants, 200,000 visitors annually, and the thousands of commuters that travel daily to work in the principality, Monaco represents exactly the sort of high-end market that Seychelles needs to reach. It is important that Seychelles sustains a constant presence in the market, cultivating both industry players and the traveling public.

Seychelles tempts Monaco with its new publicity billboards
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