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Sex and the City aftermath in Morocco

Morocco - Great Expectations for Growth in Travel Sector

Sandy Dhuyvetter, BusinessTravelRADIO  Jun 11, 2010

Sam Nhairy, talks about this predominantly Arab and Muslim nation and long time ally of the United States. Morocco was the first foreign nation to recognize the US a sovereign state in 1777 and the relationship has remained strong since that time.

The Moroccan Monarch, King Mohammed VI has mandated growth in both tourism and the elevation of women in all sectors. An aggressive campaign to get 10 million visitors in 2010 has translated into offering tax breaks and other government support for new hospitality businesses coming to Morocco.

Sam, a Moroccan/American expert, is offering a FAM trip to get to know Morocco from North to South and East to West in Dec 2010. The trip is customized to offer hoteliers, developers, tour operators and interested parties to network and meet future partners.

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Morocco - Great Expectations for Growth in Travel Sector
Sam Nhairy, President of Morocco Destination Management

Source: BusinessTravelRADIO

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