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Europe: Swimsuits are for the beach

European cafes, stores ban and fine bikini-clad tourists

Jun 10, 2010

Bikini-clad sunbathers in some parts of Europe are finding out that life’s not such a beach when they wear skimpy clothes.

Stores and cafes in Barcelona may refuse to serve customers in bathing suits.

All around the city are posters depicting couples in swimsuits with a red line drawn across them next to a normally dressed couple with no red line.

And residents seem to share the views of officials that the sight of swimsuit-clad tourists strolling through the streets is embarrassing.

The Caribbean island of Grenada has started to enforce a law that prohibits bathing suits except at the beach. The fine for violators? A sobering $270, though most swimsuit-clad tourists are simply told to cover up.

And in Italy, there’s a beach-related law on the books, too. Don’t try leaving your towel on the sand to save your spot while you go have brunch. There’s a ban on unattended towels, and the fine for violators is 1,000 euros.

European cafes, stores ban and fine bikini-clad tourists
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