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Visitors And Fans Begin To Arrive

Cape Town welcomes the world with a celebration of color and sound

Jun 10, 2010

The planning, preparing, speculating, and strategizing is over and it’s finally here. Cape Town welcomes the world to the 2010 FIFA World Cup™!

As the visitors and fans begin to arrive for the big event, Cape Town Tourism CEO Mariette du Toit-Helmbold has this message to share: “On behalf of the people of Cape Town, we welcome you to our FIFA World Cup celebration. We are ready to be your hosts, and we are thrilled to be sharing this moment with you. Put down your bags and get swept up in the magic as we Live It!, Love It! LOUDER! into this exciting tournament.”

With shiny new hotels, a vastly-improved public transport infrastructure, a revamped world-class airport, and a curvaceous stadium perched between mountain and sea, Cape Town is looking better than ever.

Said Du Toit-Helmbold: “Cape Town has been preparing for this for many years now. We are on the eve of a great moment for Africa, this is our first FIFA World Cup™ on the continent, and we are going to do all the people of Africa proud!”

Cape Town is the lifestyle capital of South Africa and is sure to be the playground of the FIFA World Cup™. Falling as it does in the Cape’s winter, the focus for entertainment is on sampling the culinary, creative, and cultural lifestyle of Cape Town and snatching the inevitable blue sky days to get into the outdoors, which Cape Town is so famous for. “It’s a bit of a secret, but Cape Town is as good in winter as it is in summer – it’s just different – more about a brisk walk on the beach than lying under the umbrella,” commented Mariette.

Visitors to South Africa who are not planning a trip to Cape Town would do well to reconsider. Cape Town Tourism and their base of accommodation members have partnered with low-cost airlines Mango, Kulula, and 1time to offer incredible deals on Cape Town escapes during the FIFA World Cup™ with the “Come to Cape Town Campaign” (launching June 13, 2010). Said Mariette du Toit-Helmbold: “The packages we have put together mean that it is really affordable to hop on a plane and stay with us for a few days between games. We are promoting one-way flights from R700 between Johannesburg and Cape Town and accommodation from as little as R500 per person per night.”

“Of all the host cities, Cape Town is the only one that offers an incredibly cosmopolitan mix of hotels, international cuisine, and fantastic shopping within an historically-rich (and now pedestrian-friendly) urban landscape,” said Mariette du Toit-Helmbold, “Come to Cape Town, you won’t regret it.”

Cape Town kicks off the FIFA World Cup™ festivities on Thursday, June 10, 2010 at the FIFA Fan Fest at the Grand Parade. The event starts at 1400 hours and runs until 2400 hours with a program of music, lighting shows, and entertainment.

For more information on the Come to Cape Town specials (from June 13, 2010) and Cape Town’s program for the FIFA World Cup™, please visit .

Cape Town welcomes the world with a celebration of color and sound
Live it! Love it! LOUDER! / Photo by Deon Gurling


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