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Original Organizers Remain Sole Event

Otdykh Leisure in CROCUS Expo is ON

Linda Hohnholz, eTN  May 28, 2010

Two events with the same name were being held in the autumn in Moscow – Otdykh Leisure in the exhibition center of Crocus Expo and Otdykh Leisure in exhibition center of Expo Center. To simplify and avoid further confusion, we will refer to these events as Otdykh Leisure CROCUS EXPO and Otdykh Leisure EXPO CENTER. Yesterday, the organizers of Otdykh Leisure EXPO CENTER announced that they had decided to withdraw from organizing the duplicate event. However, because of the similarity of the event names, it may not have been clear which event is off and which event is on. We spoke with Ekaterina Kohlhauser of the travel exhibitions division of Euroexpo Exhibitions & Congress Development GmbH who helped to clarify this further:

“To explain you the situation, in the past 3 years there were 2 exhibitions held in September in Moscow under the same name Otdykh LEISURE. One is Otdykh LEISURE in the exhibition center Crocus Expo, which has been organized by Euroexpo since 1995. It is a big international exhibition with NTOs, 55 participating countries, and over 1,100 exhibitors. It’s 16th edition will take place as announced from September 21-24, 2010, with over 85 percent of the space already booked. The other exhibition has been organized for the last 3 years by ITE in the exhibition center Expo Center under the same name. It has been 3 years of confusion for the industry, but as was announced by the organizer yesterday, the event in Expo Center was cancelled.”

So let’s make sure we have this straight:

Otdykh Leisure in CROCUS Expo – ON
Otdykh Leisure in Expo CENTER – OFF

For further information on Otdykh Leisure in CROCUS Expo, please go to: or contact Ekaterina Kohlhauser, exhibition director in Euroexpo Vienna at .

Otdykh Leisure in CROCUS Expo is ON
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