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Goa - 2 Months, 17 Dead Tourists, And Counting

Why more tourists are breathing their last in Goa

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Mar 08, 2008

Goa - Death of foreign tourists visiting Goa has been on a rise with 17 cases already been registered in just two months this year in the state.

With Goa increasingly becoming a hot spot for drug abuse, the involvement of tourists is evident from the fact that nearly half of the people arrested in narcotics cases were foreigners.

Police sources said that many of them who died were found to be drug addicts. Last year, the death toll was 59. And 55 foreigners died in the previous year. The police records reveal that in half the cases, the cause of death is unknown sans the viscera report.

In 2008, the number of such cases sent for viscera analysis is six out of 12. “The viscera report basically establishes whether there is presence of drugs in the stomach or is it poison. Depending on it, section 302 of the Indian Penal Code (murder) can be invoked in these cases,” a senior police officer said.

“Visit any rave party and you will find hoard of foreigners inhaling drugs. The coastal belt is getting increasingly ruined with the drug rackets,” a police officer said.

The Goa police website lends an insight into foreigners' link with drug cartels in the state. The anti-narcotic cell has found almost 50 per cent of its drug accused as foreign tourists.

Why more tourists are breathing their last in Goa

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