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Unveiling The Beautiful Fragile World Of The Rainforest Treetop Ecosystem

Chiang Mai canopy adventure tour

eTN Staff Writer  May 14, 2010

Flight of the Gibbon™ is a unique zip-line canopy tour through a pristine, 1500-year-old rainforest outside of Chiang Mai. Special viewing platforms, skybridges, and lowering stations connect over 2 km of zip-lines that take you through different layers of the rainforest canopy. The Adventure includes about 3 hours up in the treetops, lunch, and a one-hour river or waterfall trek.

They put safety first. They are the only jungle canopy adventure in Thailand designed, built, and overseen by international experts from New Zealand with more than 20 years of experience and a perfect unblemished safety record.

Fun and Education
Nothing brings people together like stunning nature, exciting thrills, and endless laughter. The Sky Rangers accompany every group, anticipating every need, and sharing their vast knowledge of local lore, flora, fauna, and geology.

For Everyone
Every type of person can fly – from five to ninety-five. It’s simple and safe. No experience necessary.

Homestay Program
The villagers in Mae Kompong have devised a unique system whereby one can walk around the village, pick out a house that you like the look of, and stay the night with the family. They will prepare delicious meals and give you a unique, first-hand peak of a bygone era.

Chiang Mai – 55 minutes to Mae Kompong.
There is a sister project in partnership with Khao Kheeo Open Safari Park in Chonburi.
1 hour from Pattaya and 1½ hours from downtown Bangkok.

How to Prepare:
The company suggests wearing pants or long shorts and T-shirt or polo shirt. Sports shoes or other shoes that will not drop off easily are highly recommended. Please avoid excessive or dangling jewelry. It’s a good idea to bring a camera to catch the action! Backpacks and sunglasses are an unnecessary burden and there are storage facilities in the office when you arrive. It's also good to bring an open mind and a smile. See you in the treetops!

“Giving Back”
• The company's goal is to plant 1,000,000 trees over the next 20 years.
• Their “Village Green" program supports local villages in road clean up, Thai culture preservation, and tree planting.
• The company also supports a very successful wildlife repopulation program.
• They are partnered with the Thai government to guarantee the best possible quality and service to all of its customers.
• As part of their mission, they educate customers about the rain forest ecosystem. More than 2,000 children per year, mostly orphans and under-privileged children, fly free of charge. Another 2,000 children fly at a very reduced cost. Education is their number one goal.

Mae Kompong Area
Mae Kompong is a mountain village about an hour east of Chiang Mai and is where the Flight of the Gibbon™ tour takes place. In the beginning of July, 2008 they worked with the local villagers and the forest service to plant 500 trees in a deforested and overused area near the tour site. Dr. Stephen Elliot and FORRU designed a restoration program based on the damage and location. The forest service also helped them create a nursery, so they are in a position to sustain and increase reforestation efforts year after year.

Mae On Area
Mae On village, which is about 30 minutes east of Chiang Mai, has one of the last-known primate groups in the area. These primates, known as Crab-Eating Macaques or Ling Samae in Thai, are dwindling in numbers, and it is not clear why. In response to this, they have created the Primate Habitat Restoration Project. It is a collaboration among the Mae On villagers, the local temple, FORRU, the forest service, and Flight of the Gibbon™.

Flight of the Gibbon™ has three primary goals for this project. The first goal is to find out why the primate numbers are declining. The second goal of the Primate Habitat Restoration Project is to plant fruit-bearing trees in a protected area to provide a food source and refuge for the primates. On Sunday, July 13, 2008, volunteers from the project planted 1,500 fruit trees on 3 rai near Muang Cave. They added 1,500 trees to that throughout 2008. In 2009, they planted over 3,700 trees, plus replanted any that died from the previous year. It is the company's goal to double the planted area every year on the 400 rai they have designated for restoration. And finally, the third goal in doing this work is to reach out to tourists coming to Thailand about the issues being facing here.

The problems in Mae Kompong and Mae On are not new. Ecosystems are declining all over Thailand and the world. This is just the little piece that Flight of the Gibbon™ can do to make a difference. The company hopes that by bringing outsiders in and letting them become intimate with and excited about these magnificent rainforests and animals, they can take away a sense of appreciation and become inspired to go back and engage with the ecological issues in their own countries.

CALL CENTER: Telephone: 08 99 70 55 11 (multiple lines); Fax: (053) 851-391;
Hours: 0600–2300 (open daily)

Booking requests or contacts can also be emailed to: . Please visit our website for more info: .

Chiang Mai canopy adventure tour
Sabrina Magnusson going down the zip-line / Photo by Lars Magnusson

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