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Buying a computer in 2010, Get focused, it doesn't have to be an emotional roller coaster!

Road Warriors: Choose Wisely!

Sandy Dhuyvetter, Business Travel RADIO  May 14, 2010

Our Gadget Detective, Fevzi Turkalp, talks with us in detail about all the factors that every Road Warrior needs to consider when choosing their next laptop.

We’ll talk about such things as PC or Mac, screen size, weight, battery life, processor speed, memory capability and data storage capacity.

Are you highly mobile or mostly fixed? Do you need simplicity, security, or brand cache? Are you mainly interested in entertainment features, presentations or number crunching? What type of processors should you avoid at all costs?

Finally, do you really need that optical drive?

Listen to the Interview and Link to Fevzi Turkalps Blog and additional information from the graphic below.

Listen to Audio of Interview target="_bla

Road Warriors: Choose Wisely!
Source: BusinessTravelRADIO

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