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Hollywood glamour draws tourists to Nottingham

Visit Nottingham: New Robin Hood flick will help to take from the tourists and give to the city

May 14, 2010

Robin Hood took from the rich to give to the poor.

But as Russell Crowe dons the legend's tights for yet another Hollywood adaptation, Visit Nottingham will be hoping the blockbuster will help take from the tourists to give to the city.

As Ridley Scott's take on the enduring tale premiered in both Cannes and Nottingham last night, Visit Nottingham predicted that the latest dusting of Hollywood glamour could increase tourism by up to 10 per cent.

The Russell effect, which renewed the world's interest in the Roman Empire nearly 40 years after its Hollywood heyday, could see Nottingham rake in as much as £46million in tourism each year.

Nevermind that Yorkshire has also laid claim to the iconic hero, or that the bulk of filming took place in Pembrokeshire and Derbyshire, or even that the big celebrities opted for the premiere in Cannes over Nottingham, the city is expecting another purple patch thanks to its most famous son.

Ex Sheriff of Nottingham and Labour councillor Leon Unczur, who held the legendary title until he was replaced this Monday by Labour colleague Penny Griggs, said at the screening: 'We know that when Hollywood's spotlight shines on Robin even more people will want to come to Nottingham to see where his legendary stories unfolded.

'That's why we've got special events throughout May and why we are looking longer term to develop an attraction that will meet the expectations of visitors on the trail of our famous outlaw.'

The East Midlands city is certainly capitalising on one this year's biggest film, promoting Nottingham and Sherwood Forest as ideal weekend destinations.
A special exhibition at Nottingham Castle takes fans behind the scenes of the new film and attraction discounts and short break packages both in the city and the countryside abound as Nottinghamshire prepares for an influx of foreign tourists.

More than 60 journalists from as far away as Australia and the United States have already descended on the city to write travel features and Visit Nottingham has reported that their feedback was 'very positive'.

'The film finishes where the past films began,' said a Visit Nottingham spokesperson.

'We hope they decide to make another one!'

Visit Nottingham: New Robin Hood flick will help to take from the tourists and give to the city
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