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Travelers to pay more when departing from Grenada

Linda Straker, eTN  May 12, 2010

As of May 1, 2010, target="_blank">Grenada increased its departure tax, and at the same time implemented a new procedure to collect that money from airlines.

The new departure tax of EC$60 (US$22.35) will now be added on to the ticket cost from travel agents, and airlines will have to make a monthly payment to the Grenada Airports Authority, the statutory body which manages and operates the Maurice Bishop International Airport.

Travel agents have confirmed that a meeting was held to inform them about the new procedure. However, there was no warning provided to other stakeholders such as hoteliers.

President of the Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association Russ Fielden confirmed that he had no knowledge about the increase until it was bought to his attention. Describing the increasing as a measure that can impact arrivals Fielden said, "Government should be doing all in their power to increase arrival[s] and not implementing measures to reduce [them]; this is an increase in cost to get here and it can have implications.‚ÄĚ

A statement from the government said the new system is a response to ease travelers when departing. ‚ÄúTourism officials said they had consulted with travel agents and other sector representatives, who were complaining about the inconvenience being faced by travelers ‚Äď especially at peak departure times ‚Äď as they lined up to pay their departure tax at MBIA,‚ÄĚ said the statement.

The new measure will make travel at MBIA more convenient, will have a positive impact on passengers’ experience to the island, and is also in keeping with international trends, said the Hon. Glynis Roberts, Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation.

Grenada welcomed 113,370 visitors in 2009 according to statistics at the Grenada Board of Tourism.

Travelers to pay more when departing from Grenada
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