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Air Asia X Under Investigation

Air Asia X unsafe flying investigated

May 11, 2010

An official investigation has begun into two "serious" incidents involving Air AsiaX passenger jets that dropped to unsafe heights over the Gold Coast last week.

Both incidents are alleged to have happened when the crews of the 330-seat jetliners lost visibility while searching for the airport.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau, which investigates breaches of air traffic regulations, last night declared both incidents "serious" in a posting on its website.

The report notes that the twin-engine Airbus was being flown on instruments when it "went below the lowest safe radar altitude" at 7.36am on May 4.

A similar incident involving the same aircraft type from the same airline occurred a day earlier, the bureau said.

Further details of both incidents, including the heights to which the jets dropped and how many passengers were onboard, are not yet available.

Transport regulators take a dim view of situations where jets drop to altitudes considered unsafe for flying.

Last night, an ATSB official said the crews of the jets would be interviewed.

Air AsiaX operates budget flights to Malaysia from both the Gold Coast and Melbourne, and sells the lowest-priced fares between Melbourne and London.

A spokesman for the airline confirmed it was co-operating with the ATSB investigation.

Air Asia X unsafe flying investigated
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