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Statement From Hawaii Tourism Authority

Hawaiian Airlines awarded route to Haneda Airport

eTN Staff Writer  May 07, 2010

Mike McCartney, President and CEO of the Hawaii Tourism Authority, Mike McCartney, issued the following statement regarding the Haneda-Honolulu route granted to Hawaiian Airlines:

"Hawaiian Airlines being awarded one of the four routes from Honolulu International Airport to Tokyo’s downtown Haneda Airport is a significant development for Hawaii.

"Convenience is an important factor for travelers, and Haneda’s central location within Tokyo provides an accessible alternative to flying out of Narita International Airport, which is located approximately 40 miles away, about a 90-minute commute, from Tokyo.

"Haneda Airport is an important hub for Japanese commuters and is well linked to central Tokyo by road, rail, and monorail, which will improve accessibility for international travel for business travelers and Japan residents living in secondary prefectures.

"Japan continues to be Hawaii’s second largest visitor market and has strong cultural ties with our state. Hawaiian Airlines and Japan Airlines both offering non-stop service from Haneda to Honolulu will boost Hawaii’s tourism economy and stimulate job growth.

"It is especially gratifying that our local airline, Hawaiian Airlines, was selected for the route. Hawaiian Airlines is a part of our community, employing thousands of local residents, and has been an important contributor to our tourism economy.

"We look forward to working with Hawaiian Airlines, Hawaii Tourism Japan, and the visitor industry to ensure the success of this new flight."

Hawaiian Airlines awarded route to Haneda Airport
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