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Dubai To Pakistan

Rapid expansion of flydubai continues with flights to Karachi

eTN Staff Writer  May 06, 2010

Flydubai announced today that it has added Karachi, Pakistan, as the newest route in its fast-growing network. This is the sixth new flight announcement within the past month. The low-cost airline now has 19 destinations on its air service schedule.

Pakistan is home to many of the expatriate workers in the UAE (United Arab Emirates), and the low-cost flights to Karachi, popularly referred to as the City of Lights, will provide an excellent opportunity to make the return trip to see friends and family more often. Flydubai will operate daily flights to the South Asian city of Pakistan from June 21.

Karachi houses the country's largest commercial corporations and is the center of financial, industry, and trade sectors. The opportunity for less complicated, less stressful, and less expensive business travel is also expected to create a large demand.

Ghaith Al Ghaith, CEO of flydubai, said Karachi would play an important role in expanding flydubai's reach and will make a significant difference to the Pakistani expatriates working in the UAE.

"There are currently more than 700,000 expatriates from Pakistan working in the UAE and an extra opportunity for them to travel back home has to be good news. We are in the business of bringing more people together more often, and we can see the Karachi route being a very busy one indeed," he said.

"Pakistan is already a very close trading partner with the UAE, and there is always the potential for even more commercial ties. One of our goals is to use the flydubai routes as a means for people to forge new friendships, visit new places and new cultures, to experience new destinations, and to enjoy new relationships, whether for business or pleasure," Al Ghaith added.

The UAE is also Pakistan's biggest source of foreign remittance through banking channels. The bilateral trade between the two countries was around US$6 billion (Dh22.04 billion) in 2009, making the UAE the second largest trade partner of Pakistan.

FZ333 will depart Dubai from Sunday to Thursday at 0815 hours and arrive in Karachi at 1125 hours. The return flight, FZ334, will leave at 1210 hours arriving in Dubai at 1320 hours local time. On Fridays and Saturdays, FZ333 will depart Dubai at 1135 hours and arrive in Karachi at 1445 hours. The return flight, FZ334, will leave at 1530 hours and arrive in Dubai at 1640 hours local time.

Flydubai's operational destinations are Beirut-Lebanon, Amman-Jordan, Damascus and Aleppo-Syria, Alexandria-Egypt and Djibouti-Africa, Doha-Qatar, Baku-Azerbaijan, Khartoum-Sudan, Bahrain, Kathmandu-Nepal, Muscat-Oman, and Kuwait. The airline will soon start service to Assiut and Luxor-Egypt, Istanbul-Turkey, Kabul-Afghanistan, and Latakia-Syria.

The flydubai model is simple, with customers paying only for the services they want to receive. The ticket price includes all taxes and one piece of hand baggage, weighing up to 10 kg, per passenger.

Passengers have the option to purchase checked-in baggage in advance, subject to availability. Checked baggage at the airport is also strictly subject to availability and passengers are advised to book online early to secure the space, as only pre-purchased baggage can be guaranteed.

Nominal payments allows customers to select their seat and secure extra legroom positions. Bookings can be changed for a small fee, plus any difference in the fare, and food and drink can be purchased on board.

Flydubai operates from a modernized and enhanced Terminal 2 on the north side of Dubai International Airport.

Rapid expansion of flydubai continues with flights to Karachi
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