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Expanding Tourist Market

Marasa acquires first Kenyan property

Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN  May 04, 2010

Last weekend, Marasa finally broke its silence and confirmed a "secret" that for those in the know and with links to Kenya’s tourism industry was out of the bag way earlier. Marasa bought their first property in Kenya, expanding their operation from Uganda to East Africa’s most important tourist market (number wise), reversing the trend of Kenyan companies coming to Uganda so far. The target="_blank">Mara Leisure Camp was taken over earlier in April by Marasa from the previous owners in a low-key ceremony, and the new general manager Kenneth Mugira – who is also doubling as country operations manager for Marasa in Kenya - and all staff were retained and absorbed by the new owners.

Located along the Talek River, just outside the official park boundary, the Mara Leisure Camp is offering 29 accommodation units, comprised of different-sized tents and three cottages suitable for families, a honeymoon tent discreetly set aside from the other units, and a pool where visitors can take a refreshing dive in the mid-day heat. Visit for more information.

Meanwhile, it was also learned from sources in Kenya that sections of the new draft management plan for the greater Masai Mara area projects an increase of 50 percent in fees for foreign non-resident visitors to US$60 per person, per day, as well as putting a ceiling on balloon operations across the area to keep animal disturbance and off-road driving (to retrieve the balloons after landing) to present levels. Both proposals have predictably already met with resistance from affected parties warning of overpricing as a result, but only time will tell how the consultations for the new plan will unfold and what the final results will be.

Marasa acquires first Kenyan property
Mara Leisure Camp / Image via

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