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Antique Coins Dated 222-246 BC

Precious ancient coins found in Egyptian village of Fayoum

Hazel Heyer, eTN  Apr 30, 2010

Egyptian archaeologists from the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) dug out 383 coins dating to the reigns of King Ptolemy III (222-246 BC) during routine excavation work north of Lake Qarun in the Fayum.

These antique coins appear to be in good condition and well preserved.

Dr. Zahi Hawass, secretary general of the SCA, said that the newly-discovered coins weigh 32 gm and are made of bronze. They are decorated on one side with a scene depicting the god Amun-Zeus with two horns and a cobra. The flipside pictures a falcon standing on a wooden branch with the name of King Ptolemy written in Greek underneath.

Dr. Sabri Abdel Aziz, head of the Ancient Egyptian Department, said that the mission is working in an area 7 x 1 KM upon request from the Egyptian Tourism development authorities.

The Egyptian mission also uncovered antiquities that can be dated to several historical periods from prehistoric era through the Ottoman period. From the prehistoric time, the mission found three necklaces made of ostrich eggs, and from the Ottoman period the mission uncovered a Kohl container and two decorated rings.

Khaled Saad, director of the Prehistoric Department of the SCA, said that the ostrich egg necklaces are unique samples, one of a kind, as it is the first time this technique was used on necklaces dating to the prehistoric period. He said that the skeleton of a 42 million year old whale has also been found. These prehistoric items will be displayed at the planned site museum in Fayoum.

Precious ancient coins found in Egyptian village of Fayoum

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