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From Holland to Holland - Group Travel Resources

Sandy Dhuyvetter, Business Travel Radio  Apr 30, 2010

Elly introduces us to a great resource for group travel and, even better, she tells us it’s free! Group Tour Magazine offers several monthly publications including Group Travel Lifestyles designed especially for those folks who are organizing multiple, overnight trips for groups of just about any size. One of the publications, Student Group Tour Magazine, is tailored specifically for student travel and is an invaluable tool for teachers and educators planning forays and major field trips. Already covering many US opportunities, Group Tour Media is now launching into the international market as well. Tune in for more and we’ll also get an insight into the National Tour Association’s recent international conference in Sevilla, Spain. Olé!

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From Holland to Holland - Group Travel Resources
Elly DeVries, President and Publisher of Group Tour Magazine

Source: Business Travel Radio

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