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Standardized Yet Flexible

Direct connect technology now available for airlines ancillary products

eTN Staff Writer  Apr 29, 2010

XML Direct Connect technology is for airlines that want to control the distribution of their bundled, branded, and ancillary products, also known as airline merchandising. According to Farelogix, it is currently in production and gives airlines the choice to sell ancillary products and services across multiple indirect channels.

A number of major carriers ‚Äď including Air Canada, AirTran Airways, American Airlines, Continental Airlines, and United Airlines ‚Äď have embraced the Farelogix XML direct connection strategy.

Control of this new XML Direct Connect technology rests squarely with the airlines. Each airline‚Äôs XML Direct Connect includes a normalized ‚Äústandardized-yet-flexible‚ÄĚ application program interface (API) that the airline can utilize internally and/or choose to make available to its distribution and channel partners. With one single development effort, a third party developer (or GDS, or any other intermediary), can be ‚Äúplugged in‚ÄĚ to all of the direct connect airlines. It is then up to individual airlines to decide which connections actually get activated or ‚Äúswitched on.‚ÄĚ

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Direct connect technology now available for airlines ancillary products
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