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Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines to cut routes, reduce passenger capacity by 40%

Apr 28, 2010

Japan Airlines (JAL) is to cut 15 international routes, and suspend operations on 30 domestic routes, as part of a reduction in its network.

This year JAL expects to reduce international and domestic passenger capacity by 40% and 30% respectively from 2008 levels.

The airline is undergoing a major restructuring after filing for bankruptcy protection on 19 January.

It is also set to close 11 overseas bases and eight domestic offices.

'Clear objective'

International routes to be closed flights from Tokyo to Amsterdam, Milan, Rome and Sao Paulo.

"JAL has restructured its overall network with the clear objective of returning to profitability as swiftly as possible," the airline said in a statement.

Combined with previously announced route cuts, it means the airline will stop operating 28 international routes, and 50 domestic routes will be shed.

JAL said it was now aiming to achieve in one year what it had originally planned to do in three.

Meanwhile, the Nikkei business daily newspaper said JAL planned to outsource a portion of its aircraft maintenance, to cope with a reduction in manpower as part of its restructuring.

The airline received 1,000 more requests for early retirement than the 2,700 that it had been looking for.

Japan Airlines to cut routes, reduce passenger capacity by 40%
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