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Ordered To Halt Recruitment Decision For New CEO

Parliament puts foot down on Kenya Airports Authority

Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN  Apr 26, 2010

It was learned last week that the target="_blank">Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) was again ordered to obey the instructions of the parliamentary committee to halt the recruitment decision for a new CEO. KAA and parliament have locked horns in recent weeks over this issue, with the greater powers obviously resting with the parliamentary committee, which could, in the extreme, cite the KAA management and board for contempt if not following instructions.

The situation will be closely monitored, as it also appears that the instructions and directives include that the recruitment firm used by KAA be disqualified and a completely new recruitment be started from scratch.

The present situation is thought to be one of the many problems left behind by former CEO George Muhoho who finally left the organization into retirement early in April and was alleged to have been engineering his very own choice succession, which also brought him into conflict with the chairman of the board of the KAA at the time just ahead of his own departure.

Parliament puts foot down on Kenya Airports Authority
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