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Creative Flight Service

Air Seychelles provides exemplary service over ash disruptions

Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN  Apr 22, 2010

In view of the restrictions of European aviation bodies, Air Seychelles decided to operate their Rome–London flight with a turnaround in Rome, i.e., passengers to London would have to make their onward journey by road or rail, while at the same time also announcing that they will operate their regular Paris service into an airport near Marseille by the names of Nimes, which is just under 600 km by road or rail from Paris.

This will at least assist travelers stranded on the Seychelles, who – in spite of the archipelago being one of the most attractive places in the world to be marooned on – need to get back to work or to attend business meetings. Passengers destined for the Seychelles can also board their flight in Nimes where Air Seychelles staff will be positioned to attend to any queries arriving or departing passengers do have.

This extraordinary effort makes Air Seychelles a shining example of how a little creative thinking and thinking on one’s feet can actually help to solve the problems created by the target="_blank">Icelandic volcano eruption, which grounded almost all air traffic in, out, and across Europe. Bouquets for those who thought this up; well done, and congrats to Capt. Savy and his entire team.

Air Seychelles provides exemplary service over ash disruptions
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