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World's Best Airports

Asian airports top world’s best airports list

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yusof Sulaiman  Mar 04, 2008

(eTN) – The top spots of the Airports Council International (ACI)’s worldwide “Best Airport Worldwide Quality Survey (ASQ)” appraisal for 2007 Asian airports has awarded the top three spots for world’s best airports to Seoul Incheon (serving 25-49 million passengers annually) in South Korea, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (15-25 million) in Malaysia, respectively. Singapore comes third (25-49 million).

Two other Asian airports, Central Japan (5-15 million) and Hong Kong (over 40 million), were picked as winners in the five annual-passenger traffic size categories.

ASQ rankings are based on a survey of 34 airport service factors, from check-in through to departure at the gate, submitted by some 200,000 respondents.

In its appraisal, ACI said it sees “high correlation” between management commitment to service and passenger satisfaction in managing airports. “Service quality is a key discipline in the airport management process,” the group said.

According to ACI, this is the third year in a row Asia Pacific airports have garnered the three top positions in its “worldwide” category.

Incheon's management sees delivering a quality airport service as part of its overall tourism value chain - good for the airport and good for South Korea, said ACI. "This commitment is given very high priority politically as well as operationally by the airport's management."

The choice of KLIA as a triple-winner (also in the “Best Airport by Region” category) is remarkable considering it has been chosen ahead of other more established airports, including San Diego, Zurich, Vancouver and Melbourne airports in the “Size of Airport” category.

KLIA's management strategy of putting service above quality first in its objective of pursuing a "world class service" has been responsible for Malaysia being chosen, said Craig Bradbrook, program director of ACI.

Third place winner Singapore, on the other hand, has pursued this objective with determination for the past 20 years, working hard to build a reputation that has become synonymous with excellence apart from regularly introducing new services to serve passengers. "These are key factors that ensure year on year top performance levels."

The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore and Changi Airport are also in line to be honored for “outstanding leadership in airport business for the past 20 years,” according to ACI director general Robert Aaronson.

A special recognition award will be awarded to Shanghai Airport Authority for its strong leadership in modernizing and expanding the airports under its authority. "They are models for our industry, individuals who are paving the way for airport excellence in times of growth and change. We want to reward them for their leadership, innovation and commitment to quality in airport service delivery,” ACI said.

Other regional winners announced are Oporto in Europe, Dallas Fort Worth in the US, Johannesburg in Africa Guayaquil in Latin America & Caribbean, and Tel Aviv in the Middle East.

ACI will hold its awards ceremony on April 1 during its two-day conference in Shanghai.

Asian airports top world’s best airports list
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