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Interview with Johan F. Lundberg

Tourism Trade Fair Associations - Are They Right for You?

Sandy Dhuyvetter, Business Travel Radio  Apr 18, 2010

TUR is the largest travel trade fair in the Scandinavian countries
and is a member of the International Tourism Trade Fairs Association (ITTFA). Founded in 1992, the ITTFA was created to help travel trade exhibitions in avoid recreating the wheel. The organizations helps its member trade fair organizations share critical knowledge and experience, consolidate marketing and visibility efforts, improve networking and inter-communication, and set objectives, standards and administrative processes.

John Lundberg is Business Manager at Swedish Exhibition Centre Past President and present Treasurer of ITTFA

Now consisting of some 22 member travel trade fare organizations around the world, including several based in emerging and developing countries, ITTFA serves an invaluable purpose to unify and standardize the unique industry of the travel trade show.

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Tourism Trade Fair Associations - Are They Right for You?
Source: Business Travel Radio

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