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Rica Rwigamba Named

Rwanda Development Board appoints new head of tourism and conservation

Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN  Apr 18, 2010

The Rwanda Development Board (RDB) has named the successor for the long-serving Rosette Rugamba, who after 7 years at the helm of the first target="_blank">Rwanda Office of Tourism and National Parks (formerly ORTPN) as director general and then as deputy CEO in charge of tourism and conservation under the newly-formed RDB, left a few weeks ago to enter a career in the private sector.

Mr. Rica Rwigamba was appointed as the new head of the tourism and conservation department and will report – as will others in the economics cluster – to the chief operating officer, a new position directly answerable in turn to the CEO Mr. John Gara. Said John in a press release sent to this correspondent: “All these changes will enable the RDB to better strategize and attract more investments into the country and to maximize the potential of its existing staff. We are dedicated to serving the best interests of our clients, and we remain focused on fast tracking development in a way that is profitable and sustainable for the country.”

It was pointed out that all staff presently working for RDB in the various national parks were retained in the restructuring of RDB although it has not been ruled out that should similar agreements be struck, as was done recently for the Akagera National Park, they could be transferred to the payroll of a new concessionaire. It is also understood that some positions remain yet to be filled as suitable candidates are being sourced, but by and large the restructuring goals have been achieved, and the process is now completed. Congratulations to the new appointees, especially Rica, and all the best in the future to keep tourism and conservation in the limelight and on track to yet greater things to come.

Rwanda Development Board appoints new head of tourism and conservation
Rica Rwigamba / Image via

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