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Amazing Race episode gives Seychelles tourism free exposure

Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN  Apr 15, 2010

Reportedly some 14 million viewers had the chance last year to capture a bit of the Seychellois spirit when watching the latest episode of target="_blank">"The Amazing Race" series. A few weeks earlier, the entire production team had descended on the Seychelles to prepare for and then film the participants being put through their challenges, which extended across the main islands of Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue, among other venues. Much of these challenges had to do with swimming in the crystal clear waters the archipelago is renowned for, but also the carrying of coconuts – though not the fabled coco de mer – and bananas, a staple food on the islands.

The Seychelles Tourist Board extended all the help and assistance they were able to muster to make the production of the island episode a success, and considering the extraordinary fares on the US market now by Emirates, it can only be expected that the sharply-risen interest in this particular location will bring many more American visitors to the Seychelles in coming months.
Only recently did the Seychelles Tourism Board participate in the New York Times travel show, and a delegation has also been to Miami to promote the Seychelles as a cruise destination.

Amazing Race episode gives Seychelles tourism free exposure
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