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Turkish Airlines to launch service to Dar es Salaam Tanzania in June 2010

eTN Staff Writer  Apr 14, 2010

The Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) announced that Turkish Airlines will launch scheduled service from Istanbul to Dar es Salaam, the commercial capital of Tanzania on the Indian Ocean Coast. The Turkish Airlines flights to Dar es Salaam are expected to begin June 2010 in time for the peak tourism season in Tanzania.

According to Mr. Amant Macha, TTB’s acting managing director: “Tanzania applauds this move by Turkish Airlines and it is a good indicator of the passenger demand for tourism and trade between our two countries. We expect that this new service will boost the number of Turkish visitors by about 25,000. We also anticipate that this will be yet another gateway for the American market, who would be interested in combining these two very popular, but different destinations."

Ihsan Baytan, director, Turkish Airlines in New York, said that flights from New York’s JFK to Dar es Salaam will have good connections through Istanbul. He also added that Turkish Airlines in North America looks forward to working together with the Tanzania Tourist Board to promote packages to Tanzania with optional layovers in Istanbul.

About Tanzania
Tanzania, the largest country in East Africa, is focused on wildlife conservation and sustainable tourism, with approximately 28 percent of the land protected by the government. It boasts 15 national parks and 32 game reserves. It is the home of the tallest mountain in Africa, the legendary Mt. Kilimanjaro; the Serengeti, named in October, 2006, the New 7th Wonder of the World by USA Today and Good Morning America; the world-acclaimed Ngorongoro Crater, often called the 8th Wonder of the World; Olduvai Gorge, the cradle of mankind; the Selous, the world’s largest game reserve; Ruaha, now the second largest national park in Africa; the spice islands of Zanzibar; and seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Most important for visitors, the Tanzanian people are warm and friendly, speak English, which together with Kiswahili, are the two official languages; and the country is an oasis of peace and stability with a democratically-elected and stable government.

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Turkish Airlines to launch service to Dar es Salaam Tanzania in June 2010
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