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Environmental Issues

Protea Hotels withdraws lodge project in Zambia

Linda Hohnholz, eTN  Apr 14, 2010

On March 31, eTN's own Wolfgang H. Thome target="_blank">reported that the Zambezi Society in Zambia, along with other wildlife conservation NGOs, had severely criticized Protea Hotels over environmental concerns raised from the development work.

The very next day, on April 1, Protea Hotels issued a target="_blank">rebuttal statement.

Today, Danny Bryer, director of revenue management, sales, and marketing for
Protea Hotels issued the following statement:

"Protea Hotels has taken the decision to withdraw its application for development of a proposed hotel in the Lower Zambezi region. Having engaged in a comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and taken cognizance of the concerns raised, we have decided not to progress, taking the view that further clarity on the matter is needed.

"Protea Hotels currently has five properties in Zambia and is committed to further investment. We will continue to have productive and meaningful dialogue with the Zambian authorities on further development in the country."

Today, the environment wins.

Protea Hotels withdraws lodge project in Zambia
Mana Pools, Zambezi River / Image via

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