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New Measures

US Transport Security Administration to drop screening by nationality

eTN Staff Writer  Apr 08, 2010

Since the Christmas Day bombings, the target="_blank">Transport Security Administration (TSA) has paid particular attention to passengers from 14 countries of ‚Äúconcern‚ÄĚ who have had to undergo further security scrutiny.

Now it appears that this screening will be dropped to allow the TSA to select passengers based on intelligence which includes physical descriptions, watchlist names, and travel patterns. US officials confirmed that it would abandon screening based on nationality

‚ÄúThese new measures utilize real-time, threat-based intelligence along with multiple, random layers of security, both seen and unseen, to more effectively mitigate evolving terrorist threats,‚ÄĚ said Janet Napolitano, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary.

The TSA says that these new and ‚Äúenhanced‚ÄĚ procedures are a part of a ‚Äúdynamic, threat-based‚ÄĚ system, which will cover all passengers traveling by air into the country.

‚ÄúThe terrorist threat to global aviation is a shared challenge and ensuring aviation security is a shared responsibility,‚ÄĚ added Ms. Napolitano.

US Transport Security Administration to drop screening by nationality
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