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Agents Demand Fair Commission

United Federal of Travel Agents' Association applauds Indian agents' victory

eTN Staff Writer  Apr 07, 2010

United Federal of Travel Agents' Association ( target="_blank">UFTAA) president, William Tan, has expressed his warm congratulations to travel agent bodies in India on having persuaded the regulatory authorities of that country to order the airlines to honor their contractual obligations and pay a fair sales commission to their agents in India.

Three UFTAA-member associations - TAAI, TAFI and IAAI - have played pivotal roles in securing a success that is the fruit of a protracted campaign conducted by the associations working in close cooperation alongside other stakeholders.

The IATA Passenger Sales Agency Agreement has always provided for the payment of remuneration to accredited agents, and all IATA-member airlines have committed themselves to it through the Passenger Agency Conference in the form of a binding resolution. Unfortunately, some airlines appear to have lost sight of that commitment. The action of the Indian regulatory authorities and the parallel decision of the Kerala High Court clear up any confusion that might have existed in airline minds.

The travel agent community provides the bulk of airlines' passengers and without the travel agents' sales services, many airlines would be hard pressed to remain in business. In UFTAA's view, it is reasonable for travel agents to insist on being remunerated fairly and justly for the services they provide. Agents are paid only when they produce, and if they did not exist, then whatever alternative means installed in their place would cost as much, if not more, than what the airlines ought to being paying their dedicated travel management professionals.

United Federal of Travel Agents' Association applauds Indian agents' victory
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