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Resorts And Hotels At Maximum Capacity

Kenya coast fully booked over Easter

Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN  Apr 07, 2010

The resorts and hotels along the target="_blank">Kenyan coast were laughing all the way to the bank after the Easter weekend turned out to be another fully-booked affair, with remaining spaces being taken up by travelers from upcountry or further inland seeking to take a break at the ocean for the long weekend.

Visitors arrived by road in their own cars, came by busses from upcountry, or flew into the Moi International Airport in Mombasa or directly to Malindi or the Ukunda airfield on the south coast, also filling up the available seats airlines had put on the market to be ready for the travel boom.

In Uganda, it was a bit of a mixed picture, as the biting fuel shortages reportedly had booked visitors to lodges in the parks and upcountry hotels cancel at the last minute due to lack of sufficient fuel to reach their destinations, leading to last-ditch efforts by the affected properties to re-sell the sudden vacancies, at times, however, without success.

One caller, who reads eTN and occasionally comments about articles to this correspondent said: "We had booked and prepaid our rooms for some time. Now we could not find enough fuel to take us there and back again, and because we were not sure if we [would] find enough fuel on the way, we decided to stay at home. At least the lodge was understanding when we told them. They permitted us to come at a later date and keep our prepayment until then and did not charge us in full for not coming. Others I hear were not so lucky and lost their deposit money because of no fuel. Now we hear Shell is pulling out of Uganda; maybe that is why they are no longer bothered to keep reserves for holiday weekends."

Kenya coast fully booked over Easter
Mombasa beach / Image via

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