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Dubai Layover

Emirates adds Tokyo enroute to Uganda

Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN  Apr 04, 2010

Our regular source from the target="_blank">Emirates office in Kampala has informed this correspondent that nonstop flights between Dubai and Tokyo’s Narita airport have now started. Travelers from Uganda and other East African destinations can now connect within a short period of time in Dubai.

Emirates is initially flying 5 times a week between Dubai and Tokyo, using a B777-300ER aircraft on the route. Return journeys will require a longer stopover in Dubai for East African passengers, as the flight from Tokyo arrives at DXB in the afternoon, while the onward flights to Uganda leave the following morning. This layover, however, as it was explained, can be used by passengers to take advantage of the many stopover offers the airline has for transit passengers to stay for a day or two in Dubai at very affordable package prices, do some shopping, enjoy the restaurants, the beaches, try some skiing on the indoor slopes, play some golf on one of the many fabulous courses - day and night, or go on a desert safari adventure.

Emirates adds Tokyo enroute to Uganda
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