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Travel Advisory Remains In Place

African Union and UN impose sanctions on Madagascar

Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN  Mar 25, 2010

Following weeks of unsuccessful talks with the present regime in Tananarive, the patience of international observers and the African Union have finally run out. Regime leader Rajoelina had duped his political rivals, the African Union negotiating team, invited observers and in particular the former President of Mozambique Joaquim Chissano into believing that he was honest and sincere in talks to establish a transitional government, only to renege on issues no sooner than the papers had been signed.

The present sanction regime includes a travel ban through denial of visas for Rajoelina and his key goons, over 100 of them; added diplomatic isolation of the country in international organizations and platforms; and freezing of external assets. It is also understood from African Union sources in Addis Ababa that economic sanctions are not just being considered now, but a draft is already being prepared towards that effect for the relevant body to discuss and decide upon very soon.

Madagascar has been excluded from AU ordinary business as a result of the coup by Rajoelina but was for a considerable period of time being engaged in political talks aimed to end the country’s crisis.

Tourism, as a result, has been suffering as anti-travel advisories are kept in place and can now be expected to be strengthened, hurting the economy and ordinary citizens normally making a living from tourist visitors. The country has a checkered history in terms of political upheavals and if not brought under control, could end up in a pariah situation where even airlines may then be compelled by their home governments to observe sanctions and stop flying to the island.

African Union and UN impose sanctions on Madagascar
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