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Beginning In July

Emirates to go double daily with A380 to London

Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN  Mar 24, 2010

The usual source within the Emirates Kampala office has tipped off this correspondent to the addition of a second daily A380 flight between Dubai and London, effective at the beginning of July this year, when additional aircraft will have been delivered to the airline. The A380 will be used, according to the source, on flight numbers EK 001 and EK 003 between DXB and LHR and the corresponding return flights EK 002 and EK 004. The aircraft will operated in the standard Emirates configuration of 517 seats, which includes 14 First Class suites, 76 flat-bed Business Class seats, and 427 Economy Class seats.

Emirates has become increasingly popular with travelers from and to Eastern Africa, for its daily connections, the use of the B777 on the route between Entebbe and Dubai, and the added choice of a double daily to London will only enhance the airline’s reputation further.

The option of putting in some shopping in Dubai, the city itself, or else at the famous duty-free shops at the airport during the layover time, seems attractive enough a proposition for many travelers, leave alone the value for money packages for Dubai stay-overs, which often start at a cost of less than US$50 for a hotel room. The airline is regularly offering special offers, in particular for premium class passengers, whereby companion tickets go for as much as 50 percent less, making travel as a couple a very attractive proposition for both leisure, as well as business travelers.

A warning though about these stay-overs: ensure that you have the relevant Visa to enter Dubai, as and where appropriate, should you wish to take advantage of the special packages both ways, since the usually granted single-entry Visa may not be enough for a second entry on the alternate journey, as some Ugandans had to find out at their cost! And tongue in cheek, make sure you do not kiss your partner in public or roll in the sand on one of the beaches, or else.

Additional destinations in Europe are also coming on line later in the year, it was pointed out to this correspondent - Amsterdam from May; in addition to Prague, Czech Republic, in July; and Madrid, Spain, from August. The latter destinations will be of importance for holiday visitors in particular to East Africa and the Seychelles, as these direct flights will open up the Iberian and Eastern European holiday markets, which hitherto had to fly at times wide detours to reach our own shores.

Emirates to go double daily with A380 to London
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