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Airline Strike in Europe

Icelandair mechanics on strike

Stefan Helgi Valsson, eTN  Mar 22, 2010

Icelandair’s aircraft mechanics began a strike Monday morning leaving hundreds of passengers stranded in Iceland.

There is no time limit on the strike which means it will last until an agreement has been reached. Arbitration meeting has not yet been scheduled.

Iceland Express, Icelandair‘s main competitor, is the only alternative for passengers leaving the country by air. However, its carrying capacity is far less than Icelandair‘s and its flights are already quite full which means many will be inconvenienced.

Icelandair‘s strike comes in wake of severe schedule disruption due to the Mt. Eyjafjallajokull eruption which began shortly before midnight Saturday night in South Iceland.
The eruption continues today on a ¾ mile long fissure on Fimmvorduhals pass but poses no immediate threat to people, livestock, buildings or roads. The eruption has limited effect on domestic flights at present and no effect on international flights.

Icelandair mechanics on strike

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