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Uganda to market tourism as its major product in Shanghai

David Mugabe  Mar 18, 2010

Kampala — Tourism will be marketed as Uganda's major product at the China Shangai 2010 world exposition in May, the state minister for trade has said.

"Uganda is listed among countries where Chinese are authorised to visit," said Gagawalla Wambuzi, state minister for trade. The Shangai expo in mainland China will attract 70 million visitors for five months upto October and it will present a great opportunity for Uganda to sell its rising tourism potential.

As part of the preparations for this expo, a group of Chinese journalist visited Uganda for 10 days exploring its abundant diversity and natural beauty.

Florence Kata, the executive director of Uganda Exports Promotion Board said the visit of the Chinese media is "to enable them develop a media campaign and promotional material for use in promoting Uganda during the Shangai mega expo." China boasts over one billion people with high disposable incomes.

It is this expendable cash that Uganda can tap if a well planned marketing and awareness campaign is launched in the six month expo that will culminate into the country's national day on October 9, 2010.

Also, 442 Ugandan products have unrestricted entry to the Chinese market under bilateral arrangement. But despite this, the trade balance between the two states is still tilted in China's favour.

Uganda to market tourism as its major product in Shanghai
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