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Board of Airline Representatives UK

Bar UK deals severe blow to new London airport proposal

Amy Drew  Mar 03, 2010

The Board of Airline Representatives UK, sometimes referred to as Bar UK, has dealt a massive blow to the proposal of a new London airport in the Thames Estuary. Apparently nine out of ten airlines rejected the proposal.

The proposal, first brought to life by London mayor Boris Johnson in 2008, would see a six runway facility built near Shivering Sands, north east of Whistable. Advocates argue a new airport would eventually supersede London Heathrow Airport. Overtime this would end unpopular flights over south east London. Despite these positive points, these ambitious plans have drawn some very bad criticism. British Airways and Air France are among some of the airlines that oppose the plan. British Airways chief, Willie Walsh, argues that the proposal would create a vast wasteland west of London.

The result of the Board of Airline Representatives UK survey are due to be presented to deputy mayor, Kit Malthouse. He is believed to be a strong advocate of the plan. The report claims aircraft are 12 times more likely to be hit by bird strikes at the new location due to the large wildlife colonies in the estuary. Unemployment caused at Heathrow by the arrival of a large competitor is also cited as a big concern. Even the potential cost to the public is something that is proving to be an issue.

An alternative could be to make a third runway at Heathrow, which would be privately funded. The Board of Airline Representatives UK, which represents 78 of the 90 carriers operating around the country, said that its members do not support the new airport.

Bar UK deals severe blow to new London airport proposal
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