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Hawaii Tourism Association establishes tsunami information center

Feb 27, 2010

The Hawaii Tourism Association established a global information center to inform tourists and the travel industry in regards to the current tsunami warning. Phone lines are available in Hawaii and overseas.

Contact information is available on

Emergency phone numbers are established in Hawaii, Germany, UK, Australia and
Hong Kong. The local Hawaii phone contact is 808-566-9900

e-mails will be resonded to based on priority. The e-mail address is

HiTA twitter accounts will post updates on
News updates are also available on HiTA's main website

The Hawai`I Tourism Association’s (HITA) mission is to inform, educate, and update the global travel industry on current and emerging trends, economics, events, activities, businesses, and marketing that help shape the tourists’ perception of the Hawaiian Islands. HITA serves as a discussion forum for issues affecting industry members interested in doing business in Hawai`I while also working with new markets and regions expressing interest in visiting the Islands. The association offers member services that enhance the Hawaiian experience and promote the indigenous people, culture, and uniqueness which differentiates the most geographically-remote place on earth from other island sand-sun-surf vacation and business destinations.

HITA is a private organization with no affiliation to the State run Hawaii Tourism Authority.

Hawaii Tourism Association establishes tsunami information center

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