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Flags Going Into Orbit

First East African space tourist set for take off

Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN  Feb 22, 2010

East African business tycoon, Ashish Thakkar, set to be blasted into space just as soon as the galactic space ship of Virgin has been cleared for public flight, has collected the flags of Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania from the presidents and prime ministers of the three countries to take with him into orbit, being the first East African resident to head into space.

The three flags will undoubtedly be displayed while up there, and photographs and video links will immortalize that precious moment when the flags will be unfurled deep in space for the first time ever, hopefully generating some added publicity and promotional value for our combined tourism sectors. Who else can claim that a space tourist promoted their home area like this, basically saying come visit us in East Africa, with the message coming from orbit?

First East African space tourist set for take off
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