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Superstar Shahrukh Khan Receives Most Popular Actor Award 2010

Bollywood continues to draw attention to India

eTN Staff Writer  Feb 21, 2010

Through its first Bollywood poll in the Arab world called "Nojoom Bollywood," Shahrukh Khan was nominated as the most popular actor by Arab audiences for the month of January 2010 conducted by Zee Aflam.

Zee Aflam is a Bollywood channel packaged in Arabic for the Arab Audience.
"Nojoom Bollywood" is one of the biggest SMS-driven Bollywood polls across GCC. The poll was well received with over 5,000 SMS votes.

Shahrukh Khan was very happy to receive the award and said that he is very thankful to Zee Aflam and the Arab viewers who voted for him and showed their love for him.

Elie Kanaan business head of Zee Aflam said: "This has been one of the biggest efforts of Zee Aflam to interact with the Arab audience and learn about their choices. We will look forward to entertain[ing] our audiences with new movies and great Bollywood titles; also we will soon be dubbing Bollywood movies in Arabic."

Bollywood continues to draw attention to India
Shahrukh Khan / Image via

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