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Promoting The 2010 Winter Olympics

Skal Seattle and Skal Victoria BC form partnership

eTN Staff Writer  Feb 10, 2010

Two Pacific northwest travel clubs, SKAL International Seattle and SKAL International Victoria in British Columbia, have partnered to promote the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and client travel to the Pacific northwest.

“We are working to increase business between the two clubs and begin new working and personal friendships,” said Linda Botts, SKAL International Seattle president.

The organizations are planning an upcoming regional event to promote cross-border and regional tourism between greater Seattle and Victoria on the south end of Vancouver Island and about 150 miles from Seattle.

“The catch phrase for SKAL International is ‘Leadership in World Tourism,’” said Alison Partridge, president, SKAL International Victoria. “Within this philosophy, SKAL Seattle and SKAL Victoria are working toward an increased exchange of business ideas and new relationships.”

SKAL International has 22,000 members worldwide from 500 clubs in 90 countries. Members include top representatives of travel agencies, tour operators, cruise lines, airlines, media, and travel and tourism companies.

Skal Seattle and Skal Victoria BC form partnership
L to R: Linda Botts & Alison Partridge / Photo from Skal Seattle

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