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Protecting Environmental Tourism

Fears expressed over environmental protection in Uganda

Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN  Jan 28, 2010

An expert workshop last week in Kampala, which brought together environmental and conservation specialists and related stakeholders, has ended with expressed fears over the rapid loss of forest cover and wetlands in the country, and the statistics presented made indeed grim reading.

The recent cabinet decision to introduce a special unit of the Uganda police combating environmental crimes was applauded and has given the experts some hope for the stricter enforcement of laws and regulations, but they still pointed out that the rate of loss of forests and wetlands needs to be slowed down considerably while re-forestation efforts have to be sped up at the same time.

Uganda’s tourism industry is largely nature and wildlife based and depends on an intact environment, ecosystems, and habitats for game, birds, and reptiles, and any further loss could seriously endanger Uganda’s green rating as an eco-friendly destination.

Fears expressed over environmental protection in Uganda
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