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Expanding Uganda Flights

Emirates Kampala office proud

Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN  Jan 28, 2010

A regular source from the Kampala office of Emirates drew this correspondent’s attention to the delivery of their latest A380 Sky Giant aircraft, which coincided apparently with Airbus’ 6,000th delivery altogether.

Further investigations then revealed that the delivered aircraft is the 25th A380 handed over to customer airlines and notably the 8th for the Dubai-based airline. The Kampala source proudly pointed out that Ugandan passengers, flying with Emirates via Dubai, can now expect to see an A 380 carry them to their final destinations in London, Paris, Jeddah (from early February), Bangkok, Seoul, Sydney, Auckland, and Toronto.

New York services on the A380 are expected to come back on line in the near future, as demand for seats is growing again, after substituting the A380 on the JFK route with the B777 some time ago at the height of the global economic and financial crisis.

No wonder so many Ugandans and expatriates in Uganda are now favoring to travel with EK.

Emirates Kampala office proud
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